How to Distinguish the Best Writing Service from the Rest

Online writing services have come to be really in demand with students these days. Because of this, it is necessary to make reviews and ensure that customers get only the best and reliable writing services, and avoid fraud and scam companies. Using the products and services, prices and discounts, customer testimonials and reviews, discounts and other features, I made a review of each writing service for customers to read before selecting a company. is an academic writing service at all grade levels. Based on my personal experience with the company, customer testimonials, and sample writings posted on its website, I could say that it produces high-quality papers that are well-written and well-researched with good citations. It also has a customer service department that is available around the clock via phone, e-mail, and live chat. Its prices are within the average of the industry and there are available discounts on the site. Overall, I am giving it a “Superior” rating. has been an online writing service for three to five years. Its web content is poorly-written which, to me, is already a bad sign and reflective of what we could expect from its products and services.  True enough, my own experience and some negative reviews can confirm that it produces low-quality paper with grammatical errors and poor citations. However, it does have a customer service that is available around the clock to assist you accordingly. The prices are within the average in the industry and discounts are available, but hard to find. Overall, I am giving it a “Poor” rating. is a relatively new online writing service. At the onset, the web content is already poorly-written so I kind of already had the feeling my experience will not be as pleasant as I would want it to be. True enough and coupled with some customer testimonials, I found out that it produces poorly-written papers. Its customer service, however, was good and available via phone and chat. Its agent was also able to answer my queries. The prices are higher than average although you can request for a promo code from the customer service. Overall, I am giving it a “Fair” rating. is an academic writing service. Customer testimonials for this company have a few negative reviews including issues on research, writing, and deadlines. The paper I ordered confirmed these issues as I found the product to be poorly-written with poor citations. I also had a bad experience with the customer service due to language barriers with the available agent who was also unable to answer my queries. Prices are, however, within the average with available discounts. Overall, I am giving it a “Fair” rating. is an academic writing service. Based on the paper I ordered, I found the quality of its product poor that even though they offered free revisions, the edited product still did not come out any better. Testimonials were also difficult to find given that its website is also difficult to navigate. Prices are within the average in the industry and discounts do not seem to be offered by the company. Overall, I am giving it a “Poor” rating.