Lori Arnold was arrested and imprisoned for her involvement in drug selling and trafficking. However, she was released in 1999 after expiry of her imprisonment term.  By the time Lori Arnold returned in Methland, much had changed; she realized that a lot of things were not as they used to be before she was imprisoned. So many things had changed for a span of Eight years that she was locked up in prison. For instance, the Mexican had taken the full control of the crank market, the rural agricultural sector was performing poorly, there economic changes in the urban centers including unemployment.  Drug barons were doing business much more than they did. She noticed that the numbers of illegal immigrants working in illicit drug industry had increased. The Mexican mafias, as Lori would call them, had manage own the crank market. They owned the big drug industries, farms and they had large pool of workers, mainly from Mexico. Also, Arnold noted that there was an increase in the numbers of micro business related to the sale of drugs and agricultural food.  The life was quite different for Lori Arnold for having been in prison for eight years.

However, being a drug baron, she had no troubles with adapting to what seemed to be a new environment to her after release from the prison. She started her life in the city where she did rent a simple apartment to help her rise her son and pay some of her old debts. She started working at Wendy shop as a night shift worker until the time she decided to quit to go back to the business that saw her enjoys eight years in prison. She started a small business for selling meth among other drugs; once a drug dealer always a drug dealer. Lori Arnold made new friends and even reunited with her former boyfriend, who she planned to marry. At this new era of life after prison, Lori noted that the involvement of police in fighting drug trafficking had been intensified. There were many police operations meant to arrest the drug dealers and bring their business down to save Americans and the American economy. For instance, she noted there operation such as Operation Snowcap. The operation was to collapse the Columbian routes where drug distributors from Columbia sneaked into America market. In fact, after a while, she was arrested again and imprisoned for another of seven year for involvement in drug business. That is to say she had no lack. According to this story of Lori Arnold, it is clear that the dug markets are hard to control. Drug mafias and barons join forces with corrupt police officers to weaken the fight against the vice. According to Arnold, the drug business and markets had grown to a large market base while she was in prison. Therefore, it is clear that fighting drugs is not easy. It has to involve the locals but not the government alone.

Like viruses, drugs tend to affect the weak hosts. That is to say, drug and food agriculture were to go hand in hand. The drug requires strong people who can sustain their effects.  Drug barons established agricultural foods in-line with their drug business. The drugs are well paying. People who use drugs have to be strong for them to continue buying. How was that to happen, it is by ensuring food availability was not a problem. There are large scale farmer such as James and Lein Donna who ensured that food was in constant supply and in enough quantities. Initially, agriculture was dominated by poor young farmers in the rural America but with time the trend has changed. Now, the business is in the hands of rich and wealthy people such as Donna and James. The agriculture business in the rural region was seriously affected. People turned to drug farming instead of food production. The food agriculture and production was combined with drug farming. Before people turned into drug farming, a lot of them were employed in farms where food farming was done in large scale. However, the trend changed as more people continued being drug famers and addicts. The supply of food in urban centers was affected. The drug barons gained control of the agricultural to integrate them with cultivation of cocaine among other drugs. The common thread is the action by the United Stated government to reverse the trend that has affected the economy and the lives of many young people in America. Forces and agencies are powered to stop influx of drugs from the Columbian routes as well as stopping drugs from Mexico. Also, the government is doing all that is needed to stop the immigration of Mexican who enter in the United States to work in the drug farms and industries. The question of drug farming and manufacturing in America has been a problem. The government has shown its commitment to reverse the trend. A lot of people have gone to jail for the same.